The Wrap No. 2 Announcing DEI + Employer Brand Integration



Welcome to Q2 of The Wrap, our quarterly newsletter about all things HR/TA marketing communications.

In this issue, we’re eager to announce our ground-breaking new approach and offering to holistic, integrated diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), and employer branding constructed to pave the path to cultural transformation.

The inclusive workplace of the future is one that values the unique, daily-lived experiences of all marginalized colleagues. This isn’t a top-down approach. It’s a change from within.

The journey toward creating and maintaining this diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce is just that: a journey. Many companies have taken steps. Yet few, if any, are there yet. Here’s how Shaker can help your organization set forth on your pursuit of true diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We thank you for reading. Watch for The Wrap Q3 in August, which will feature our programmatic offerings, as well as spotlight additional industry news and client hot topics.


Think about it. How do your people—all of them—experience your actual culture? We’ll help you understand this lived experience and why it’s important. Because compliance-based actions serve to benefit the company. Lived experience-based actions benefit employees, who in turn fuel winning organizations.

We use data to uncover and analyze your lived experience, explore, and consult on how we can get from where you are to where you want to go, navigating the steps along the way.


DEI won’t mean much if it’s not part of your employer brand and employee value proposition. From our expertise in employer branding, we have learned that authentic employer brands reflect the lived experience of all employees. We’ll use the insights we uncover to inform your culturally honest, inclusive employer brand–to weave what is real and true into your EVP and messaging.

Data-Driven Approach: Our unique, data-driven approach centers on improving the lived experiences of marginalized groups throughout the talent life cycle—so you gain a truer understanding of all your employees and the impact their lived experience has on them.


Baseline Measurement: The survey gives you a baseline against which you can measure the human impact of your DEI strategies —an important, invaluable story about change and growth.


Inclusive Change: It answers the question “Who are the intended beneficiaries of the work we’re doing?” through data to close culture gaps—offering you the knowledge and confidence to create meaningful, inclusive change.


Holistic Employer Brand: You’ll be equipped with informed tools, strategy, and content—enabling you to uncover and share a story of how you realized a culturally inclusive employer brand.


Assessment and Audit: The best attraction strategy is a great engagement and retention strategy. We uncover the opportunities to improve the lived experience, then partner to close the gaps. Shaker offers assessments to inform your DEI strategy, including Hiring Process, Culture & Inclusion, and the Talent Process.

DEI Consulting Offering: DEI Consulting offerings cover the spectrum, based on resulting data insights, and include the following: Authenticity /Representation/Development Consulting. Because our goal is simple: To increase your cultural competency, self-awareness, and leadership confidence to address matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the talent life cycle.


DEI Discussion Series with John Graham Jr.


Watch Part 2 | Part 3

“Today’s DEI approach is missing something. Today’s practice is steeped in over five decades of compliance-centered, incremental change that, for some, has fallen short. A unique window of opportunity to advance the narrative is upon us. Are we committed to performative activity or substantive change? Are we going to continue to participate in the diversity theater or are we going to improve the daily lives of the marginalized? There are the questions that will drive the future of DEI, and these are the questions that Shaker is helping our clients address.


We’d like to thank the year 1951 for being the year we launched our business. It means we get to honor our 70-year anniversary mid-2021, something that would have felt improper a year ago.

While we typically fly under the radar, we’ve learned that our reputation “out there” among external audiences includes only a sliver of who we are as an agency. So we’re going to open up a bit and share with you more about who we are, what we do, and what drives us. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll meet more of our team, hear more from fellow clients, and learn more from valued partners.

These 70 years haven’t been about us, they’ve been about ALL of us; our industry, the thought leaders driving innovation through the decades, and the self-built subject matter experts―both within our teams and across all businesses―who together lifted the industry to where it is today.

The point is this: “Celebrating 70 years” isn’t just a happy birthday to Shaker; it’s a tribute to all who have contributed to this unique and gratifying industry evolution.


You may have noticed that we’re hiring across all teams. We’ve implemented significant internal onboarding, training, and development plans and processes, and are honored to have welcomed so many talented new employees. Shaker is dedicated to their growth and success just as we are dedicated to our level of service to you. Thanks for your partnership and trust as the evolution continues!


Want to learn more about DEI-related topics, trends, and applications, and how they can improve your employee experience?

We’re here to help.

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