The Programmatic Revolution


You don’t need to know me well to know I’m a numbers guy. They’ve just always been easy for me. From sports to math problems to the occasional card game…

I studied actuarial science at the University of Illinois and immediately went to Price Waterhouse where I served as an actuary for four years. What I loved was the data-driven solutions for my clients – making decisions based on numbers. Can’t get easier than that.

This approach has really drawn me to programmatic. In our industry, programmatic is nothing less than a game changer, and while not necessarily new – it’s certainly having a Lebron moment. We take a different approach to Shaker Programmatic – we take an actuarial approach. We’re very transparent and make moves (pretty complex strategies, to be exact) based on the numbers. Again, it’s a numbers game – what’s the most efficient spend for our client’s goals and needs.

And the results are impressive, to say the least. Just this year alone, one of our client’s cost per application went from $10 to $6 in the first month, and as we diversify that media mix, I’m confident we can get it down to $5 per application. You don’t need to be an actuary to know that’s a huge reduction.

Programmatic advertising in the consumer space has evolved A LOT over the last 20 years. We’ve adopted it full force as a powerful strategy in the world of recruitment and TA Marketing, and we are laser-focused on applying its data-driven insights to maximize our clients’ budgets. It’s exciting to consider what’s ahead – how it will continue to transform our visibility into campaign performance and user behavior and allow us to continue to greatly impact efficiencies in spend.