Sara Elkins

With over 20 years in the recruitment marketing space, Sara has built and led teams of digital strategists, global client service, and media marketers. She started as an educator and quickly moved into digital training which paved the way to be an expert in our space. Since the early days of CareerMosaic to AI and beyond, she has always been listening and learning to bring the best consultative solutions to our clients. At Shaker, she leads the Digital Media and Digital Solutions teams in vetting our technology partners for our client’s global needs.

Sara has a proven track record of delivering consultative, scalable talent acquisition strategies and digital solutions to maximize business performance. As Vice President of Digital, Sara drives business growth with digital transformation initiatives, and engagement with her proven ability to develop and implement innovative solutions. Her expertise in digital marketing, data analytics, and technology has enabled her to lead teams to success in markets worldwide.

She is passionate about leveraging the latest technologies to create a seamless and engaging candidate experience, and her results-oriented approach has delivered measurable success for global brands. Sara is committed to building high-performing teams and creating a culture of innovation and collaboration. She continues to learn by researching digital techniques and embracing cutting-edge trends to approach challenges in new ways. Sara earned her Bachelor of English from North Central College and continued her education with a Master of Science in Instructional Technology.

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