Dan Shaker

Coupled with a nuanced understanding of narrative, organic branding, Daniel’s design expertise and keen aesthetic sense culminate in unrivaled talent for exceptional creative work.

Now an innovator in his field, Daniel began his career at fifteen when, following in the footsteps of his family, he worked his way through Shaker’s creative department. After graduating at the top of his class with a BFA from the American Academy of Art, Daniel ventured into business for himself with the inception of his creative firm, Matte Black Studios. As one of the first creative firms to integrate responsive web design into its work, MBS excelled in innovative branding and interactive design that serviced clients from a broad range of industries. Matte Black merged with Shaker in 2015 and Daniel assumed the role of Executive Director, Creative Services. Today, Daniel’s talent and expertise support Shaker’s evolution into the digital realm.

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