Taking recruitment technology to the next level: Shaker Virtual Events


In the highly competitive recruitment arena, creativity is crucial. The best talent is drawn to top employers because they display out-of-the-box thinking in their employer-branding efforts. This is where technology comes into play, and one of the most effective ways to leverage it is through Shaker Virtual Events.

A virtual event does not exist in the real world—so no one has to drive or dress up to attend. It takes place online within a digital version of a modern ballroom that can be branded with your organization’s logo, colors, and tagline. There’s an area for a game/prize center, an auditorium with on-demand videos, a job center hosting open positions from all booths, a networking lounge that functions as an open chat room with social media integrations, and your booths, which can be separated by location or job type. We can even design and send out your invitations to ensure that your event is well attended by right-fit candidates.

One of the most popular virtual events is the virtual career fair. This event can feature a variety of vendors, online networking, live or on-demand online presentations, and more. Hosting one opens doors to exciting recruitment opportunities, and you can bring your attendee information in-house and make it your own. By reviewing the credentials and actions of those who participate, you can capture demographics, reach and connect with your target audience, and create intricate reporting portals.

In an era when time is at a premium and talent-acquisition resources are invaluable, an effective virtual event can place your organization firmly ahead of the curve—and in front of your competitors.