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Shaker and U.S. Cellular have been busy collaborators since America’s fifth-largest wireless carrier became a client in 1996. We’ve partnered on everything from employer branding to position branding, from career websites to internal communications, from print advertising and collateral to digital and social media … always based on informed strategy, impartial recommendations, and thoughtful consultation.

Retail sales branding campaign

What is the difference between a traditional retail sales job and a Surretail Career with U.S. Cellular? Just about everything. The U.S. Cellular experience is more fulfilling and fun. For one thing, associates are unlimited in the amount they can earn and in how far—and fast—they can advance. For another, they have opportunities to move outside of the retail setting to sell U.S. Cellular products and services to local business, and to take part in community outreach. Surretail, indeed.

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Employee referral program

Powerful network: That’s the business of U.S. Cellular. And through its Strong Connections Referral Program, the company asks employees to tap their own personal and professional network. The ERP, which is powered by and housed on the RolePoint platform, includes HTML campaigns that invite recently referred associates to refer names—fostering a perpetual talent pipeline.

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Careers website

Shaker has updated U.S. Cellular’s career site several times during the course of your 20-plus-year relationship, most recently to reflect the refreshed employer brand. The site features engaging content and graphics, as well as easy-to-use navigation.

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