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Shaker collaborates on centralized initiatives for attracting and sourcing candidates with the skill sets sought by McDonald’s for its corporate offices, company-owned restaurants, and franchises. In managing so many different elements of their recruitment marketing efforts, we provide a consistent approach to reaching and interacting with candidates from all walks of life.

Corporate Career Site

Higher conversation rates. Improved SEO. Faster and more convenient. And oh-so-much-more attractive. That's what we have achieved in designing and developing this user-focused site for professional/managerial careers. We created a database on the McDonald's career site and used customized filters to pull job descriptions from the existing ATS, and branded them with the company's visuals and language-working hand in hand with their IT team to ensure that our work blended smoothly into their IT eco-system.

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At this custom site, McDonald's recruiters conveniently access service and text-message request forms, a creative library of print templates, and Shaker team contacts-everything they need to expedite their hiring and ad-placement efforts.

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Media Strategy

In addition to managing advertising strategies for job boards and social media, Shaker has implemented text-to-apply campaigns that are available for all restaurants, and consolidated global programs for talent-acquisition initiatives at McDonald's U.S. and international locations.

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