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How does a diversified professional recruiting services provider mark 25 years in business? By seeking out Shaker for a corporate brand identity overhaul and complete website makeover.


Shaker created a new logo, palette, and overall brand aesthetic. Classy, modern, clean and high design, the updated brand reflects the high-caliber offerings that Harmer brings to its space. The four-tone brand palette serves to harmonize the divisions under Harmer’s umbrella brand: Accounting/Finance, Technology, Financial Solutions, and Consultants.

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Career Site

With the rebrand complete, Shaker designed and custom-built the entire Harmer corporate (career site included). We held a photo shoot to bring employees front and center. We facilitated ATS integration with Bullhorn, which houses all of Harmer’s clients’ positions. And we dramatically improved the overall user experience through refined content hierarchy and intuitive navigation across this highly responsive site, fluid across all devices.

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Premiums / Launch Collateral

Shaker created a host of custom-designed swag items for Harmer to distribute to employees, clients and leads to generate some buzz and celebrate the new Harmer brand and website launch.

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