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Shaker Recruitment Marketing works with global brands to develop customized recruitment strategies. At the heart of what we do is helping companies connect people with jobs they love, and nothing makes us prouder than seeing our clients gain recognition for creating workplaces that exceed employee expectations. Out of Glassdoor’s 2019 Best Place to Work Award recipients located in the greater Chicago area, two are Shaker clients. We’re excited to highlight their achievements in this two-part series. Read our previous post in this series here.

Today, we are thrilled to feature Paylocity.



Paylocity, was recently honored as a 2019 Best Place to Work Recipient and for good reason. CHRO Cheryl Johnson shared her insights on Paylocity’s comprehensive talent acquisition strategy and how Paylocity stands out as an employer of choice in today’s job market.


Pride and Transparency

Paylocity’s culture is built around their employees, and it’s reinforced by a progressive recruitment and retention strategy. For Johnson, transparency is everything for new talent, not to mention showcasing culture. “With so many choices and options out there, it’s really important for candidates to be able to know what the culture looks like from the inside out, and that must come from an employee perspective.” With success comes celebration, and that’s not just in terms of awards, but in everyday life. “We put a lot of effort into creating a culture where people are willing to brag about it.”


Leveraging Growth 

Paylocity is in high-growth mode. In the past three years, they’ve tripled in size, and that rapid trajectory continues. Johnson knows that maintaining the stability of the culture with current employees, while welcoming many new ones, is key to sustaining a high caliber of performance. 

Johnson is in touch with the kind of growth employees need. “For a period of time, organizations were supporting the specialist mindset of building people up within a ladder, and really, the mindset is shifting to building people up through a lattice.”

“That’s what the millennials and the generations coming in want. They want broader growth and not to be stuck to one track. We have departments that are really embracing this idea of pushing people out of their comfort zones to get into positions that will turn them into more well-rounded generalists and enable them for more diverse opportunities.”

Standing Out From The Crowd

Paylocity is already a well-known name in their field, and their recruitment branding is helping them rise even higher. Shaker and Paylocity are collaborating closely to create a strong, impactful, and authentic employer brand. “We want to be clear on our employment brand and we want to create a lot more employment brand awareness so that we have people beating our doors down.”

At Paylocity, this means flexibility. Employees’ needs—in and out of the office—are accommodated, and managing a busy lifestyle is never a problem. “We really support a talent-anywhere philosophy. Because of that, we have 42% of our workforce that works remotely.”

Recruiting is an ever-evolving field, so it’s important to stay future-focused. Paylocity is not only keeping up with new technology, but getting ahead by utilizing programmatic recruiting, geo-fencing, artificial intelligence, and other forms of automation.

Leading By Example

This discussion of Paylocity’s strategy and execution serves as a great example for other recruiters, and their Best Place to Work Award is proof that they have put their words into action, something for which Johnson is passionate: “We are all about walking the walk. We have to make sure that we are living it, modeling what we’re building, and trying to help pave the way for other organizations. We take all of that very seriously because it’s part of our business.”

Recruitment is an exercise in more ways than one: discipline, persistence, and a belief in a vision all come into play in our field. And when it comes to delivering results and marketing them effectively, Shaker is proud to support Paylocity’s success.

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