Insights from TA Week: Unveiling the Power of Employer Brand Activation


Headshot of our Director of Strategic ContentLast week, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Talent Acquisition Week in sunny San Diego, our Senior Director of Strategic Content, Shavon Banket, took center stage to divulge her secrets to amplifying your untapped employer brand. If you missed the session (or even if you didn’t!), we’ve got you, as we’ve distilled her insights into actionable takeaways that can transform your talent acquisition game. Let’s get into it!

The Dress: A Metaphor for Employer Branding

Shavon began her presentation with a relatable anecdote about hunting for the perfect dress for a black-tie wedding. Like many of us, she turned to Google for assistance and stumbled upon Rent the Runway. What stood out was not just the model showcasing the attire but the invaluable user reviews. This simple act underscored the significance of personalization and authenticity in decision-making processes.

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Drawing parallels between dress shopping and talent acquisition, Shavon emphasized that just as one wouldn’t purchase shoes without ensuring the fit, candidates seek alignment with organizational values and culture. In essence, the goal of employer branding is to facilitate the discovery of the “right fit” talent, transcending superficial facades to reflect the true essence of the organization.

Decoding Employer Brand vs. Employer Brand Activation

To clarify the terminology, Shavon explained the difference between employer brand and employer brand activation. While the former encompasses the unique identity an organization projects to both its internal and external stakeholders, the latter involves the strategic process of bringing this identity to life. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out our employer brand offerings.

Contrary to misconceptions, employer brand activation isn’t confined solely to recruitment marketing. It permeates every facet of the employee lifecycle, necessitating consistent messaging and sustained effort to adapt to the dynamic nature of organizational culture.

Harnessing the Potential of Employer Brand Activation

Central to the discussion was the untapped potential of every organization’s employer brand. Shavon compared it to a buried treasure awaiting discovery, often overlooked amid the plethora of talent acquisition strategies. By unlocking this latent potential, we can attract top talent and foster employee engagement, retention, and positive external perception.

Empowering Employees as Advocates

A key takeaway was the pivotal role employees play as brand advocates. Their authentic experiences and genuine enthusiasm resonate far more profoundly with potential candidates than polished marketing campaigns. By leveraging employee advocacy, organizations can amplify their employer brand exponentially, with statistics highlighting the significant impact of such initiatives on recruitment and retention metrics.
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Elevating Excitement About Your Employer Brand

Shavon emphasized the importance of fostering excitement and enticement among employees to cultivate a culture of advocacy. From immersive brand immersion programs to meaningful social impact initiatives, we can inspire employees to become vocal champions of the brand, thereby amplifying its reach and impact.
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Embracing Innovation and Tracking Success

Shavon advocated for embracing the digital age and opting for innovative activations, such as creative social media campaigns and interactive recruiting events to engage with audiences effectively. Furthermore, tracking key metrics enables organizations to gauge the efficacy of the employer brand activation strategies, facilitating continuous improvement and adaptation.
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Confronting Employer Brand Activation Challenges

Lastly, Shavon addressed common challenges associated with employer brand activation, notably the need to prove value to internal stakeholders. By quantifying the impact of a robust employer brand on recruitment costs, employee retention, and overall organizational performance, organizations can garner support and investment in their branding initiatives.

Conclusion: Charting the Course for Employer Brand Excellence

In summary, activating your employer brand is a dynamic journey, marked by continuous refinement and adaptation. By embracing authenticity, empowering your employees, and leveraging innovative strategies, we can transform employer brands into compelling narratives that resonate with top talent and amplify your organizational impact.

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your employer brand? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.


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