Here’s How to Get Your Jobs on Google


The highly-anticipated launch is finally here!  There’s no doubt Google for Jobs is going to have a major impact on the job search experience.  So, as employers, it’s important to not ignore what’s happening.  Understand it.  Embrace it.  Trust me – it’s going to be awesome!

This is a hallmark moment in the continuing shift in the recruitment space to keep the candidate first.  We take it for granted in other funnels, but Google just cemented the philosophy that the candidate should be treated like a consumer, and that uniquely works in our favor in terms of talent acquisition.

Here’s How to Get Your Jobs on Google

Google’s goal is all about matching candidates with the appropriate job postings which, in turn, addresses the company’s needs, as well.  Serving up your opportunities to the most relevant talent is a win-win no matter how you look at it.  One way to be included on Google for Jobs is to partner with a third party.  Google has teamed up with numerous providers to ensure those postings are scraped and featured within the search results.  That said, that’s not your only way in.  Here’s your Google for Jobs check list to ensure you land in the search.

The 6 Easy Steps for Getting Your Jobs on Google

  1. Have a website that lists job openings, and ensure you’re able to edit the HTML of the postings.
  2. Make sure your site isn’t protexted by a robots.txt file or robots meta tag so the Googlebot can crawl your job posting web pages.
  3. Confirm that your host load settings allow for frequent crawls (Google recommends not limiting the crawl rate, if possible).
  4. Add the job posting to your site in the exact structured data form Google requires (found here).
  5. Provide Google with your sitemaps (note: Google’s guidelines).
  6. Be sure to keep Google aware of your job posting changes. This can be done a number of ways and listed in their integration guide referenced below.

Google created a robust and easy to follow (just as you’d expect) Integration Guide – it’s a great reference that contains details and examples to help get you on your way.

And if you’d rather someone else do the leg work, give Shaker Recruitment Marketing a call.  We’d be happy to help you out.