Entry-level Account Representative

Client & Account Services

Recent grads and career switchers: This is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable experience and industry knowledge … and put yourself in a position to grow in the ranks. Make an impact through your work by helping organizations hire good people as part of the Shaker Recruitment Associates team. A division within Shaker, SRC is a full-service consultancy that creates, manages and markets local online job boards throughout the U.S.


  • Understand employers' needs, consult on their advertising options, and sell a recognized brand of products and services-job postings, banner ads, and more-that best reach their desired candidates.
  • Nurture long-term, personal connections and build a portfolio of solid client relationships that you will own.
  • Craft emails, conduct over-the-phone presentations, set appointments-do everything for your client, from beginning to end, to help them fill their positions.
  • Be part of something bigger-in a division of a full-service recruitment marketing agency

What does your day look like?

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Amazing opportunities to learn and grow

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Genuine interest and investment in your success

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Relationship building

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Recognition for accomplishments


  • Outgoing, curious team player
  • Self-motivation to reach goals and exceed expectations
  • Interest in opportunities to learn, grow, and advance with Shaker