Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Culture Transformation


The inclusive workplace of the future is one that values the unique daily-lived experiences of those most marginalized. This isn’t a top-down approach – it’s a change from within.

It starts with taking a critical look at an organization’s core culture and developing a more culturally honest employer brand. We dive in, analyze, consult, and help address ways to weave inclusion and belonging into your company’s culture. This is what candidates expect, current employees deserve, and your bottom line depends on.

Photo of John Graham Jr.

It’s vital to ensure that how a company markets itself to talent reflects reality – and never is that truer than when it comes to championing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And from a business perspective, an inclusion and belonging based culture fuels winning organizations. Simple as that.

John Graham Jr.

Vice President, Employer Brand, Diversity & Culture

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