At the end of the day going forward, I’m watching for these three things in 2017


At the end of the day going forward, I'm watching for these three things in 2017

1. A fare-thee-well to jargon and hackneyed language

I know I know, this topic has been beaten to death … er, I mean curated exhaustively. But I’ve socialized this with many friends (okay, mostly with myself), and we agree that buzzwords lose their meaning when overused. And insider language impresses no one. Except maybe ourselves. More syllables don’t necessarily mean smarter. Nor does verbing your nouns.

2. Position descriptions that tell a story, that capture an experience

A job is a big deal. It involves a life-changing, emotional decision on the part of a candidate. So why are your position descriptions so blah-dee-blah-blah-blah-blah? We don’t describe an amazing meal by detailing restaurant dimensions. A position description is not the job req., just as that great meal out is not the floor plan. Write with your audience in mind. Convey what it means to be part of the organization and why they should care. Tell good stories.

3. The inextricable link between the employment and consumer brands

People want to work at places where they have good experiences as a customer. Just as they will support companies with excellent reputations as employers. We like to consume products from companies where employees aren’t miserable … or treat us miserably. And we certainly would not want to work there. The people and the products inform our perception of the brand and the degree to which we want to engage. You can’t have one without the other.

How about you? What are you keen (or not so keen on) as we approach the second month of this 2017?