Adapting Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy to Gen Z


Adapting Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy to Gen Z


In the ever-changing world of recruitment marketing, staying ahead means understanding and embracing the preferences of the newest entrants to the workforce – Generation Z.

Born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, Gen Z is roughly 30 percent of the world’s population.[1] This tech-focused group is driven by a unique set of values, expectations, and tech-forward attitudes that calls for a more thoughtful approach. Before you take off, check out our tips for adapting your recruitment marketing strategy to Gen Z.


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Embrace Transparency

Gen Z is characterized by its deep appreciation of transparent, genuine, and socially responsible organizations that are making a difference. Growing up with unprecedented amounts of information at their fingertips has contributed to Gen Z’s skepticism around traditional marketing. They’ve also lived most, if not all, of their lives in a content-sharing culture and are always on the lookout for fake and dishonest messaging.

Therefore, your recruitment marketing strategy should embrace transparency to ensure that who you are online matches who you are IRL. Showcase real company culture and values, diversity and inclusion, sustainability efforts, and CSR initiatives to show how they can make an impact at your organization.

Create Visual and Interactive Content

Living in the age of information overload, Gen Z responds well to visual and interactive content. Pique their interest with engaging videos, infographics, and interactive elements that are anything but basic. Duolingo nailed this idea, striking the right balance of educational and entertaining in a TikTok campaign[2] that used their mascot Duo in a variety of videos to teach the meaning of popular hashtags on the platform, like #fyp, #stitch, and #cringe.


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If you really want to level up, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences and behind-the-scenes looks into your company culture can help you break through the noise.

Leverage Ambassadors

Influencers are the moment, and will be for quite some time. Influencers in nearly every sphere imaginable amass huge followings for their product recommendations, content ideas, and professional advice. And it works. According to a consumer trends survey conducted by Hubspot in January 2023, 32 percent of Gen Z social media users had made a purchase in the last three months based on an influencer’s recommendation.[3]

If this is the case for influencers, imagine the power brand ambassadors could bring to your recruitment marketing strategy. Rolling out an ambassadorship program shouldn’t be taken lightly, but long-term, it can be an effective way for Gen Z candidates to hear about your organization from their peers’ perspectives.

Optimize for Mobile

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up with smartphones as an integral part of their daily lives. Just look at their shopping habits – 74 percent use their mobile phones most often when shopping online, while only 15 percent use a computer.[4] Implement a mobile-first design approach for your recruitment marketing content to ensure it’s easily accessible on various devices. Mobile optimization not only facilitates engagement but also aligns with Gen Z’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Prioritize a Seamless Digital Application Process

Efficiency is key for Gen Z. Attention spans are shorter than ever, so lengthy forms or the need to switch between a website, app, and a browser on their phones isn’t the best experience for this high-touch audience. Mobile applications, one-click submissions, and intuitive interfaces will resonate well with this tech-forward generation and provide a better user experience overall.

Highlight Career Development Opportunities

Gen Z is ambitious and will do what it takes to achieve their goals. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, 76 percent see themselves as the owners of their career advancement.[5] While they’re in driver’s seat, equip them with a roadmap. Clearly define and explain your opportunities for skill development, mentorship programs, and career progression in your recruitment materials to show your commitment to supporting their growth and passions.

Foster Open Communication

Gen Z appreciates open and transparent communication. Establish and maintain active communication channels, such as social media platforms, where they can contact you directly and on their own terms. Having the internet since birth, Gen Z is accustomed to getting answers quickly and with little hassle.[6] Respond promptly to questions and comments to show your willingness to engage in a dialogue. You might even consider putting one of these sign-offs in your email signature. 😉


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Be Tech-Forward in the Recruitment Process

Being the first generation of true digital natives, Gen Z has high expectations for tech in the recruitment process. Explore innovative tech, like chatbots for initial interactions, AI-driven resume screening, and virtual hiring events and webinars to enhance the overall candidate experience.

However, in your quest to be high-touch, never lose the human touch. Tailored communications and “choose your own adventure” nurture streams can go a long way in making their journeys more personalized.

Showcase Flex Work and Remote Opportunities

The pandemic emphasized the importance of workplace flexibility. The autonomy, flexibility, and work-life balance remote work affords is appealing. Now, it’s critical to organizations’ abilities to stay competitive. An Indeed survey stated that 45 percent of respondents reported that they switched jobs because their employers did not offer flexibility on remote work.[7]

Gen Z is following suit, which isn’t too surprising when we consider that many spent a large part of their high school and college careers in a remote environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re used to working on their own terms and enjoy it. Highlight flexible work and remote-friendly policies in your recruitment marketing to attract Gen Z and all digital nomads.

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There’s still a lot to learn about Gen Z and what they can teach us about the modern jobseeker. But, by understanding and incorporating these key considerations, you can build a compelling employer brand that resonates with Gen Z and fosters a pipeline of diverse, dynamic, and digitally adept talent for the road ahead.




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