A Highly Targeted, Flexible, and Trackable Recruitment Strategy: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Perhaps you’ve thought about using search engine marketing (SEM) for your recruitment campaign, but are wondering how best to use it for maximum results. Consider this your opportunity to learn more and see all that SEM can do to boost your hiring efforts.

At Shaker, most of our clients use SEM in one of two ways. The more popular of these is for direct-response purposes, where they have an opening for a very specific and hard-to-fill type of career opportunity. But we find that more of our clients are also using it on a regular basis to fill their talent pipelines and keep them robust all year long. Regardless of your objective, here are the three major benefits to making SEM part of your recruitment marketing plan:

  • Targeted in different ways: Shaker can put together SEM strategies not only using keywords related to the skill sets of your right-fit candidates, but also the industry associations or organizations that you want to reach.
  • Extreme flexibility: Unlike other media, if you need to make changes throughout your campaign, such as swapping out positions or bringing in new creative, it’s easy to do with SEM. We can usually turn it off and on to meet your needs.
  • Trackable metrics: The Shaker team can set up targeting URLs to see where your candidates are coming from. And when we view the post-click metrics, we’re not only seeing clicks, we can note how much time was spent on the site, how many pages are viewed, and where your conversions are coming from.

Our experts will help you maximize your SEM resources by ensuring that all of the elements of your campaign—keywords, creative, and landing page—are relevant, which is the key to success and optimal ROI. And we can help you to take advantages of the free product offerings that Google provides with paid search campaigns, such as callouts, call extensions, and site links—those extra pieces of copy that make the real estate of your ad larger, so you stand out and achieve a stronger presence.

If you’re searching for a new way to reach your recruitment targets, look into SEM.