The Hanover Insurance Group

Careers Website

The Hanover Insurance Group asked the Shaker team to provide front- and back-end design for its new career site. On the front end, Shaker responded with a narrow content area, convenient navigation, and rich colors to complement those of the client’s consumer site. On the back end, they ran the client’s ATS feed through integration filters to create a system that empowers The Hanover to download new jobs every hour, making the process more timely, seamless, and controlled. Shaker also built a custom talent community where candidates can search for specific job titles. If their profiles don’t match any positions in the ATS, they are automatically (and invisibly) sent to a system called MailChimp. Every time a new opportunity is added, MailChimp compares each candidate profile to that position’s requirements, and forwards a curated email to each member who qualifies for the new position.

Posted in Web Design & Development
Client The Hanover Insurance Group
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