Employer Branding: Getting It Really Right

Whether a consumer or a candidate, an individual has to make the necessary progression from Awareness to Consideration to Decision. Before I can buy a product, I need to know it exists. I then need to be compelled enough by the product to consider it a meaningful option in the broader category of similar products. And then I need to be compelled at both an emotional (heart) and rational (head) level to select a given product over all other alternatives.

Why It’s Time for Companies to Start Exploring AI for Recruitment

There’s a lot of chatter in the recruitment space around Artificial Intelligence and its long-term impact on the recruiting and hiring process. One thing I’m most optimistic about is that, with most technology in its infancy, it’s only going to get better. But for now, marrying Natural Language Processing with a very dynamic and complex workflow is pretty incredible, to say the least.

My first 100 days in the talent acquisition space

Fifteen years ago, I decided to break it to my family that I’m no longer on track to be a social worker and had instead decided to major in advertising.  My family was pretty thrilled that I was entering into a familiar territory, as my grandfather founded an agency in 1951 specializing in recruitment advertising.  It was important for me to learn about other facets of strategic communications – other industries, consumer journeys, disciplines, etc.


At its core, brand is tribal. It’s about defining, inspiring, and nurturing a community of like-minded people who share values and an emotional connection to what a brand represents. Done well, the emotional attachment to a desired perception (or affiliation) can have even greater drawing power than a product or organization itself. Companies would do well to remember this when building and maintaining their employer brands.