• Explore: That is Keegan’s philosophy on life. She brings her natural curiosity and energy to everything she takes on. She has a rich, diverse background across B2B and B2C marketing and communications—with a resume that includes positions in Chile, Maui, and exotic Oak Park, Illinois. Keegan has more than 15 years of experience in team/project/client relationship management, strategic planning, and new business development, with expertise in creative development and strategy, brand research and management, integrated communication plans, PR, and events management.

  • As Marketing Director, Keegan helps clients shape the vision and strategy around brand building and communications rollout across integrated media. As a brand steward, she ensures that advertising is compelling, strategies are effective, and that the brand platform remains solid. She has spearheaded marketing and creative initiatives for Sephora, Target, CBRE, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Keegan also oversees Shaker’s marketing function.

  • When Keegan isn’t exploring what makes employers and employees tick, she is fueling her passion for people, the Earth, and adventure. She has volunteered for WorldTeach, advocating for improved education in impoverished communities abroad, and WISPIRG to advocate for sustainability.

    Keegan earned her BA in mass communication/media studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and then went globetrotting. She has lived in four countries, visited more than 30, and is bilingual in Spanish. She is an avid snowboarder, hiker, camper, and scuba diver. Her greatest adventure of all, however? Her houseful of men, 1 big and 2 little.