• Joe Shaker Jr. formally joined the agency in 2000 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As the representative face of a third generation of Shakers at the agency, Joe was raised on recruitment advertising. He began as a boy by prospecting leads for his father from the Sunday newspaper – much like his father had done for his father and agency founder, Joseph R. Shaker – and in his teens he spent time working in every department within the agency, from Traffic and Broadcast to Digital and Virtual. He is now the agency’s primary technology evaluator and vision caster for strategic growth. In 2008, Joe was promoted to agency Vice President, and in January 2016 succeeded his father as President.

  • His primary objective is to keep the agency nimble for quick and definitive responses to technological advancements, evolving media, and the changing needs of its clients. Joe identifies, creates, and enhances vendor partnerships that complement the agency’s focus on recruitment communications. He is also responsible for strategic media alliances, spearheading major pitches, and serving as agency representative on several key client accounts, the most notable being Merck, U.S. Cellular, Siemens, Thermo Fisher, McDonald’s, Dollar General,and Fed Ex. Joe is true to the legacy first established by his grandfather, priding himself on accessibility, maintaining an open door to all Shaker clients regardless of size or spend.

  • Joe is an active member of the NAA, SNA, SHRM, and ERE. He is also a national board member for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and an active voice in the Shaker Foundation, the Shaker family’s charitable organization.

    Joe enjoys traveling to the tropics, playing and watching sports, and spending quality time with his wife, Valerie; his daughters, Lillian and Marion; his niece and nephew, and the rest of his extended family.