• Denise Polanski started at Shaker in 1995 fresh out of college. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and co-minors in Economics and Mathematics, she decided to go the conventional route and joined the agency as a Proofreader. She then moved into Production and quickly became a force of nature within the agency. She is the Creative Department enforcer and boo-boo fixer, team mentor, and tech support. From graphic design to web development to hosting, she is entirely self-taught and an invaluable internal resource to the agency’s I.T. team.

  • As Co-Creative Director, Denise manages all internal aspects of the Creative Department. She is responsible for vendor management; recruiting, developing and contracting creative talent; and managing client collateral projects from quotation through final deliverable.

    Drawing on her photographic memory and the ability to figure out solutions on the fly – whether interfaces between servers or customizing distinctive, on-brand collateral materials – Denise gets the most for client dollars while ensuring award-winning execution.

  • Companies that have benefitted from her resourcefulness include UPS, Target, Merck, Sanofi US, and Greatwide Logistics.

    When Denise is not leading the agency Creative Team, she’s keeping current on everything pop culture. She is reading almost anything she can get her hands on, from sci-fi to Victorian literature; naming that 80’s tune in fewer notes than you; and is Googling Springsteen’s next concert stop in Chicago. She has seen him twelve times and welcomes all thoughts on whether she should seek professional help…