Superior Performance By Companies With Aligned Culture and Communication Creates Productive, Retained Workforce and Higher Sales

Mike Temkin

Per a recent Aon study, 71% of employees in companies with misaligned corporate cultures have been identified as either “Passive” employees or “Actively Disengaged,” thereby most likely being more engaged with seeking new employers.

At companies where culture is aligned with strategy, 44% more employees are engaged, and twice as many employees are likely to stay with the company and not distracted by actively seeking new jobs.

Companies with higher culture alignment experienced 4 times higher sales as compared to companies with low culture alignment.

46% of surveyed organizations said defining or aligning their culture is a key priority.

According to Aon’s research with (100,000 employees+ from 60+ companies in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific) high-performance cultures are:

  • More Open/Transparent.
  • More Decisive.
  • More People-Oriented.
  • More Long-Term-Oriented.
  • More Proactive Than Employees In Average or Under-Performing Companies.

Aon’s research indicates the attributes with the most impact in creating a high-performing culture are:

  • Endorsement and Involvement By Senior Leadership Articulating and Demonstrating Expected Behaviors and Levels of Performance.
  • People Programs including Learning and Development Programs, a Well-Articulated Employee Value Proposition, Rewards and Recognition, and Well-Defined Career Paths.
  • Enabling Infrastructure with Well-Established Tools and Resources in a Collaborative Environment.

The report from Aon encourages companies to prioritize the following:

  • Build a Corporate Culture and Line of Communications Relevant To All Aspects Of Your Business
  • Make the Execution of Your Corporate Structure, Your Employee Value Proposition and Your Means of Communication Practical and Pragmatic.
  • Create a Program for the Long-Term With A Consistent Direction, Able to Be Adjusted When Appropriate, But First and Foremost Providing A Steady Platform For Corporate Stability and Success.

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