The live online testing of “Google for Jobs” has begun

Joe Shaker, Jr.

While using Google in our daily work, we at Shaker Recruitment Marketing have been able to access one of the test-runs of the soon-to-be-released product. To offer a glimpse of how the product might roll out, we’re sharing some screenshots of some campaigns currently running.

You might not have seen any of these test campaigns, as only certain recipients—possibly due to their specific use of Google and cookies on their hard drives—are seeing these tests.

At this point it appears that sponsored Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns will retain premium search-result positioning, followed by the Google for Jobs banner, which lists job postings aggregated from partnership content providers. These are followed by organic search results. Screenshots of both a branded test search using Google as the employer as well as a non-branded test of “IT jobs in San Francisco” can be seen below.

What, if any, adjustments will be made to the product have not yet been announced by Google. Overall, the new product maintains, and most likely will enhance, the significance of search engines and the value of SEM. With the future availability of this new product as an additional option to already-established tactics for candidate generation, Shaker envisions further extending our clients’ reach and efficiencies with an additional means for identifying and engaging prospective candidates through diversified recruitment marketing campaigns.

Curious about what you see in screenshots of Google for Jobs? Contact us if you have questions about the current testing and functionality of the product, or you would like to learn more about search engine marketing.