For Online Video On Many Leading Sites, Sound Is Secondary

Mike Temkin

A good soundtrack on an online video is valuable, but for some digital venues the audio track is not the priority for conveying your story.

For example, Facebook is hosting about 8 billion views per day, but as much as 85% of video views on Facebook occur with the sound off. No surprise, as Facebook allows viewers to see a video before they press a start button or turn the sound on.

When producing an online video work diligently on creating strong visual statements which require minimal audio explanation. Also use feature text or captions to convey a narrative line when necessary. You should still add an audio narration or on-camera dialogue, but make sure your video tells your story even if the viewer is not listening to the audio.

Overall, create a video which will grab a viewer’s attention immediately, preferably in the first 3 seconds. So you start with a striking visual and then follow up more engaging visuals with on-screen text to help explain the content in a compelling manner.

“The Medium Is The Message”, so therefore it is crucial that your video meet the criteria of the platform and for much of the mass appeal venues online, as well as many of the niche sites, the visual says a thousand words that in many cases may never be heard by a visitor.

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