Employers Demonstrate Their Loyalty To Local Areas By Using Local Media To Recruit

Mike Temkin

At Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications, we evaluate all appropriate means for generating applicant flow for our clients. We look at the quantitative and qualitative aspects of all available options to provide our clients with the practical and efficient means for reaching and engaging with qualified candidates for employment.

All media is constantly under evaluation as traffic on Internet sites, listenership to audio/radio options, viewership on video/television options, circulation for print vehicles (newspapers and magazines) and exposure for out-of-home advertising (billboards, transit, cinema, etc.) fluctuate on a consistent basis.

When researching media which will create applicant flow from geographic areas within a practical commute radius for most qualified candidates as well as brand an employer as a supporter and contributor to the local economy, local media brands remain a valuable asset.

As we analyze media, the value of metropolitan newspaper brands and how their audience is engaging with their products both online and offline is going through a continuing evolution. One constant attribute for newspaper brands is that they have remained strongly identified with their local communities as authoritative sources of information. The consistent change is that the newspaper brands have moved with their established and new audiences through the extended utilization of digital access via either computers or mobile.

Through both print circulation and digital visitors, newspaper brands reach 169 million adults in the U.S. each month according to research from Nielsen Scarborough. Therefore 69% of all U.S. adults access content created and distributed by newspaper publishers each month either through print, the web or mobile.

Currently the demographic breakout has 51% of U.S. adults reading newspaper content only from print, while 49% access newspaper content from at least one form of digital platform, and 30% read both digital and print.

To determine if your recruitment ad should appear in print or digital or both, we need to start by looking at the demographics. 54% of print newspaper readers are age 50 or older while 66% of readers who access newspaper content via digital channels are under the age of 50.

From the quantitative stats, we go to the qualitative parameters. We can target recruitment advertising campaigns by occupational history, educational accreditation, avocational attributes, media behaviors/activity and geographic boundaries.

Many media brands provide an implied endorsement to their advertisers based upon the image and integrity of the media brand. When advertisers want to enhance their reputation as a strong supporter of their local community and employers want to demonstrate their contributions and connection to a specific town, suburb or neighborhood, local media, either print, broadcast and/or digital, should be considered as one of the most pragmatic options available.