Aspirational Recruitment Prioritizes The Employer Brand For Generating More Efficient Talent Acquisition

Mike Temkin

Six years ago, in 2011, 5% of surveyed job candidates said they had hope, dreams and aspirations to work for specific companies before they applied for a job. In the most recent report by The Talent Board, 15% of surveyed candidates said they seek employment at companies which they are already familiar with and respect.

At Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications, we strive to build and distribute a distinctive story for each of our clients, demonstrating the distinct differentiators which each company can call their own.  An important priority is to reach prospective candidates in a consistent manner which builds and maintains the appropriate visibility of a vibrant employer brand.

Prospective candidates can be exposed to information about employers at various touchpoints; the earlier the better as most people are more impressionable when they are younger and establish and maintain certain aspirations and loyalties as they first enter the workforce, or for the more diligent and dedicated, possibly during their college and even high school years. Job candidates are actively seeking information. 75% of job seekers conduct research across multiple online and offline options during their job search. 57% rate a company’s own careers site as the most reliable resource to learn about company values of which 47% said was a crucial factor in making a decision on where to pursue a job.

If a company has made the investment in building a reputation and recognition as a preferred employer, when the time comes for the candidate to pursue a new job, those employers with established brands will have the advantage. At that point, the candidate digs deeper looking for a specific job to meet their qualifications at a company which meets their passion and ambitions. That’s when the pedal meets the metal as job candidates rely on job postings, for which 63% of surveyed candidates indicate provides the most important job-related content they seek when actively looking for their new job.

That’s the point of time you don’t want to start at square one by first introducing your company to a candidate. That’s the time you want to meet their aspirations head-on and close the potential hire.  Build the brand, then generate the candidates. Overall, the process will provide more expedient and cost-efficient recruitment initiatives.