Are Companies Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk? A Recent Study Says “No”

Tony Lepore

It’s a simple truth: bad things can happen when companies don’t exhibit the kind of faith needed to be truly authentic in their candidate (and employee) communications. According to a recent study conducted by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, fewer than 20% of employees globally believe there is strong alignment between what their employers say about themselves and what these employees experience in their respective workplaces.

While a great deal of time and energy is spent to ensure that employer brands are compelling and distinctive, less attention is given to the heavier lifts — namely, ensuring that what is promised is delivered concretely, with a walk that matches the talk. Obviously, this goes deeper than a well-crafted and research-supported messaging platform, as essential as that is. And articulating an EVP and building a compelling employer brand is truly just the beginning. Organizations that invest in, and are committed to truly spearheading, supporting, delivering on the employment promise (whether it’s ongoing training and development, career growth and advancement, competitive benefits, work-life balance, etc.) employees need to see and feel that in their day-to-day experience.

When organizations remain guided by their promise to employees, it unquestionably carries with it the impact to continue nurturing and growing their culture with engaged, invested like-minded, right fit employees.

A lot of great stats and insights are available in this study; it’s worth a read.