Why It’s Time for Companies to Start Exploring AI for Recruitment


There’s a lot of chatter in the recruitment space around Artificial Intelligence and its long-term impact on the recruiting and hiring process.  One thing I’m most optimistic about is that, with most technology in its infancy, it’s only going to get better.  But for now, marrying Natural Language Processing with a very dynamic and complex workflow is pretty incredible, to say the least.

Why It’s Time for Companies to Start Exploring AI for Recruitment

How It Works:
At its core, a website powered by AI will have the ability to adjust the content it presents based on its understanding of the user, personalizing the user experience in a way that’s never been done before.  The more information it receives, the greater its percentage of confidence in terms of the information it presents to the user.

Why It’s Awesome:
This creates a power shift – the control is now in the hands of the user, and the information presented will cater to the individual.  Take that in for a moment.  That’s a novel concept and a powerful experience.  The site will now examine your travel path and respond to how long you were on each page, the areas you clicked, note whether you landed in the right spot, etc. and respond accordingly.

In terms of the employer benefits, it’ll help drive candidates to the most appropriate opportunities, improving the odds of examining better fit talent.  An AI-powered site can also handle the interview scheduling, freeing up recruiters’ time and allowing them to focus on talent vetting and selection.

Are We Sure This is AI?
So, it depends on who you ask.  There’s certainly some debate as to the true definition of Artificial Intelligence vs. the perception of Artificial Intelligence. Regardless of what side of the fence you reside, there’s no arguing that the mountains of data a site is able to collect and then apply to the experience you as the user receives is nothing short of amazing. In terms of recruitment, it will deliver you jobs you didn’t even know you’d want to consider. Rather than a traditional job-seeking experience that forces the user to search endlessly for the job, never knowing if they’ve left an opportunity on the table, an AI-powered job search allows the jobs to come to the user based on each individual’s unique qualities and experiences. In short, it provides you with a best friend recommendation with a wealth of data behind it.

What Types of Companies Should Consider AI?
Computers will continue to get faster, more and more data will be collected, and AI will continue to grow at a rapid pace. AI and Machine Learning are here to stay, and in the not-to-distant future, you will be hard pressed to find a digital experience that isn’t somehow powered or supported by AI. That being said, there are a myriad of options for you to get started. If a-fully powered, ground-breaking AI powered site feels a little too daunting at this point, there are a surplus of tools and platforms that make incorporating aspects of AI into your experience with no more than a few lines of code. So, whether you want to dip a toe or dive right in, it’s time to start exploring…

Shaker is implementing AI capabilities in a variety of formats for our clients.  Feel free to reach out to us at AI@Shaker.com with any questions.  We’re always happy to help.